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02 May 2024

Rising cross-border payments: a new revenue opportunity for credit unions

A recent study from Payments Canada reveals that one in five Canadians sent money internationally in the last 12 months, an increase of 33 per cent since 2022. Whether it’s owning property overseas, supporting family, paying for tuition, or international travel, there are many reasons why the demand for cost-effective, secure and efficient money transfers is expected to rise.   However, when making cross-border transactions, Canadians...
28 Mar 2024

Fraud Prevention Month: Tandia Credit Union’s unique approach to fraud prevention education

In today's digital age, member education stands as a crucial pillar in mitigating financial losses. This Fraud Prevention Month, Tandia Credit Union’s new YouTube series showcases a creative, friendly and proactive approach to educating members on fraud prevention, demonstrating their commitment to members’ financial well-being.   Watch their videos and get inspired!  Creating educational content with a compelling story offers an effective way for members...
20 Mar 2024

Fraud Prevention Month: Establishing a fraud task force for financial institutions

As we continue into Fraud Prevention Month, Ron Kaine, Product Director, Product Director, Enterprise Management at Central 1, discusses how to design an effective fraud task force in this fast-paced digital landscape.   “Securing real-time payments goes beyond simply deploying fraud prevention solutions faster. Every stage of the transaction-processing life cycle, including fraud detection, must be completed in fractions of a seconds.” Says Ron. “This calls...
13 Mar 2024

Celebrating cooperative impact with the Gary Gillam Award  

Credit unions serve as the pillars of community-driven financial services, grounded by the seven cooperative principles. In a time when Canadians are increasingly focused on improving their financial well-being, credit unions emerge as trusted allies they can rely on to navigate through challenging macroeconomic times.   What are the cooperative principles?   Written in 1844, The Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society founded the modern cooperative movement in...

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