We are Central 1

As the primary liquidity manager, payments processor and trade association for our member credit unions in B.C. and Ontario, we provide financial products, payment processing solutions and direct banking services, as well as leadership and advocacy on behalf of the credit unions we represent.

Technological Backbone

MemberDirect® Services is a flexible outsourced direct banking solution, with four million users across Canada.

Beyond banking, our payment processing products fit any organization with the need for high-volume, multi-channel payment solutions.

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Advanced payment processing solutions for financial institutions

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Sophisticated, seamless and secure direct banking solutions

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Personal Financial Management

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Customers can now track their spending, manage budgets and see all their financial accounts within online banking. Watch the video to see how MemberDirect Services helps your customers stay on top of their finances.

Why Central1 is #1

  • 300 plus

    clients coast to coast

  • 4 million

    direct banking users

  • 250 million

    transactions each year

  • 25 plus

    years of experience

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Unparalleled Insight

We produce expert, timely and non-biased economic research on local, regional, national and international issues.

We track, dissect and summarize it all so you don't have to.

Our economists analyze everything from trade volumes and retail sales to interest rate forecasts and housing trends — and anything in between.

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Competitive Edge

Credit unions are our passion. We know them up-and-down and inside-and-out.

Whether you're considering overhauling your brand, developing a campaign, selecting an agency, creating an RFP or simply want to brainstorm for promotional ideas, our one-stop creative marketing shop can help.

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Marketing & Creative Services

We develop vibrant campaigns with meaningful messages that audiences remember.

Say "goodbye" to ATM surcharges

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Introducing our ding free® ATM-locator app for Apple, BlackBerry, Google Android and Windows phones.

Bank with a credit union and you’ll get access to more than 2,400 surcharge-free ATMs across Canada.

Never get dinged again.

What else we do best

As a central financial facility, we are involved in all aspects of the financial services industry. Some facets of what we do are more visible than others, but all are equally important — and we wouldn’t be Central 1 without each and every one of them. Whether clients require general or case-specific solutions, we're committed to providing the best products and services on the market.

Wholesale Financial Services

Our primary function is to manage the liquidity of the B.C. and Ontario credit union systems. By providing a variety of funding programs and investment products to credit unions, Central 1 enables a strong and stable credit union system.

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treasurysales@central1.com  |  1.800.661.6813 ext. 8487

Financial Services

Credit unions can have all the perks of offering registered financial products and investment instruments, such as RRSPs, RESPs, RDSPs, LRIFs, term deposits and more, without the hassle of administering them. We take care of that.

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financialservices@central1.com   |  1.800.661.6813 ext. 5358

Branch in a Box

Today’s credit unions are increasingly complex entities that operate in an environment where financial regulations are always changing. Our clients remain current and ensure employees are following industry guidelines with our comprehensive packages of operational and regulatory support services.

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manuals@central1.com   |  1.800.661.6813 ext. 5984

Cooperative Risk Solutions

Credit union members expect credit unions to keep their money safe. We help credit unions deliver on that expectation.

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ask@crims.coop  |  1.877.957.2746

People Solutions

Credit unions are all about people — they’re the ones who develop plans and execute deliverables. Our People Solutions department specializes in helping clients recruit and hire candidates and maintain employees with the right combination of skills and experience for each organization.

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peoplesolutions@central1.com  |  1.800.661.6813 ext. 5073

Strategic Solutions

We know credit unions. We know what’s involved to run, merge and grow them. Put us to work on some of your toughest strategic and operational challenges.

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mpenney@central1.com  |  1.800.661.6813 ext. 6435

About Central 1

From our headquarters at the Credit Union Centre in Vancouver and offices in Toronto and Mississauga, we are the collective voice of our member credit unions. We represent a consumer-oriented, full-service retail financial network of 127 credit unions, holding more than $92 billion in assets and operating 872 branches, serving upwards of 3.2 million members.

We act on behalf of our member credit unions in B.C. and Ontario through our relationships with federal and provincial regulatory agencies, our ownership position in Credit Union Central of Canada and through our ties to other provincial centrals and affiliated organizations.

As an organization, we have over 600 employees and hold $13.1 billion in assets. In 2008, we became Central 1 when the provincial credit union centrals of British Columbia and Ontario combined.

We are proud to be a cooperative.


Executive Management

Chairperson and Vice Chairperson


Did you know . . .

Credit unions were the first financial institutions to offer
debit card services and registered education plans?

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Contact Us

Headquarters & B.C. Region
Central 1 Credit Union
1441 Creekside Drive
Vancouver, BC V6J 4S7

T  604.734.2511

E communications@central1.com

Ontario Regional Office
Central 1 Credit Union
2810 Matheson Boulevard E.
Mississauga, ON L4W 4X7

T  905.238.9400

E communications@central1.com

Toronto Office
(Treasury & Gov't Relations)
Central 1 Credit Union
908-120 Adelaide Street W.
Toronto, ON M5H 1T1

T  905.238.9400

E communications@central1.com

For current Central 1 payment clients:              For current Central 1 direct banking clients:
paymentstream_support@central1.com          memberdirect_support@central1.com

                                                   T  1.888.889.7878      F  1.855.772.9636