About Us

Our Purpose

Why we exist

Leveraging our scale & expertise, we power progress for credit unions to enhance the financial well-being of all Canadians

Our Vision

Where we are going

To be the national partner of choice for financial, digital banking & payment solutions

Our Values

The fundamental beliefs that guide our behaviour

We are:

Collaborative. We work with credit unions and each other to move forward together. 

Curious. We engage credit unions to understand their perspective and needs.

Courageous. We boldly move towards our strong vision; we take decisive action and persevere in the face of challenges and uncertainty. 

Our Strategy

How we will achieve our vision

C1 Strategic Plan 2018-20 Thumbnail.pngOur strategic plan lays the foundation to create a competitive edge for our clients through design excellence, market-leading speed and innovation, and proactive stakeholder engagement and partnership. Through collaboration, we will develop and deliver innovative products and services that create value and strengthen the Canadian credit union system.

We want to be the national partner of choice for financial, digital banking and payment solutions. Our scale and expertise remain the source of our competitive advantage.  The success of Canadian credit unions, and the financial well-being of their members, continue to be our compass and our purpose.

We have identified three strategic priorities that represent the high-level goals that are necessary to achieve our vision: Client Centricity, Operational Excellence and System Leadership. Our strategies and focus areas will be translated into actions, deliverables and accountabilities through our business plan, and then renewed annually under the umbrella of the strategic plan.

Read more: 2018-2020 Strategic Plan

Together, we are stronger.

We are a cooperative. We are Central 1.