Payments Solutions for the Innovation Era

A renewed commitment to our cooperative system

We want to thank all of our members and stakeholders who contributed invaluable feedback and input into Central 1’s path forward for digital and payments. Based on your input, we have developed a Payments Solutions Strategy that is designed to meet the long-term needs of the credit unions and other financial institutions across Canada.

Many of you, both in our network and as stakeholders, have given a vote of confidence in our leadership. We see this as a significant opportunity for both our members and for partners in the credit union system to build a digital and payments program that will strongly support the sustainability of Canadian credit unions.    

Our renewed vision for payments is to collectively build the preferred Digital and Payments partner to credit unions and provider to other financial institutions across Canada, creating a competitive edge for our users through client-centred design, market-leading speed and innovation, and proactive stakeholder engagement and partnerships.
Over the coming weeks, we look forward to speaking with you and providing more information at meetings, events, and one-to-one conversations. Our hope is that our members and stakeholders will see the significant value in our approach. We welcome your questions and feedback at