Bank at a Credit Union

What exactly are credit unions? They are innovative and leading-edge financial institutions. Their products, services and operations — and even their physical branches — may resemble those of banks, but there are some major differences, starting with the fact that they are cooperatives.

For roughly $5 (to purchase membership shares), you’ll become part of a democratically-governed community organization that contributes to and invests in the very people that live and work in your neighbourhood — and you’ll also be part of a much larger international movement.

Globally, one billion people are members of cooperatives, which provide 100 million jobs. Locally, being part of a credit union, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your financial institution reinvests its profits in the patchwork — local businesses, people and ideas — that makes your community unique.

As an organization, we represent more than 110 credit unions, with over 850 branches across British Columbia and Ontario. We are Central 1.


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Make the switch

If you've ever considered moving your banking to a credit union, why put it off any longer? There's a credit union waiting for you — and making the switch is less painful than you might imagine.

Go on, give us a try. You've got nothing to lose . . . and everything to gain.     


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