MemberDirect® Alerts

Customers want to be aware and in control of their finances at all times. Whether they want to monitor changes in account balances, receive proactive notifications about suspicious or fraudulent activity, receive updates about security features or general online banking activity, customers can monitor account movement effortlessly.

Key benefits

With MemberDirect Alerts, you can notify customers with text messages (SMS) or emails of the following types of activity:

  • Balance alerts flag insufficient funds or when account balances drop below a predefined minimum
  • Transaction alerts are sent when predetermined limits have been exceeded on deposits or withdrawals and notifies when bill payments could fail
  • Security alerts detect account activity such as the addition of a new bill payment vendor, or if a customer’s Personal Access Code has been changed
  • Small business alerts are specifically for account signers to flag pending approvals and/or transactions that are nearing expiry (only available for MemberDirect Small Business clients)


Customers can receive timely and relevant messages about account changes that matter to them