MemberDirect® Business Services

Today’s businesses are increasingly turning to online banking to securely, swiftly and cost-effectively manage their commercial banking needs. With Central 1’s MemberDirect Business Services, financial institutions can provide business customers with a comprehensive suite of straightforward online banking tools that are sophisticated, flexible and capable of meeting the needs of today and tomorrow. 

Key benefits

  • Individual limits, permissions and multiple signature support to improve secure access and reduce risk
  • Productivity tools, including account groupings and transaction templates
  • GST, corporate income tax and payroll source deduction payments
  • Audit trails
  • Account sweeping

Additional features

  • PaymentStream™ Wire Transfers allow business customers to securely send funds nationally and internationally. Find out more.
  • MemberDirect CRA Payments — Business Taxes provides business customers with a simple, secure and rapid way to remit federal business taxes online to the Canada Revenue Agency. Find out more.


Delivering the power and convenience of comprehensive online banking services for larger business customers