MemberDirect® Integrated Services

Customers are banking online more than ever before. Each visit is an opportunity for your financial institution to provide exceptional service and offer relevant products to deepen the relationship and increase share of wallet.

MemberDirect Integrated Services combines the MemberDirect Online Services banking platform with a fully customizable online banking website that offers powerful marketing and cross-selling features.

MemberDirect Integrated and MemberDirect Online Services now offers personal financial management tools that allow your customers to track their spending, set budgets and link accounts from other financial institutions. Visit MemberDirect Online Services to see how our online banking with personal financial management can enhance your ability to deepen customer relationships and increase your share of wallet.

Key benefits

  • Seamless customer experience that features an integrated login from your home page to online banking 
  • Easy-to-use content management tools that make it simple to keep content fresh
  • Sophisticated direct marketing features
  • Customer-centric online tools, including financial calculators and pre-populated forms

In addition to the features offered through MemberDirect Online Services, you can boost customer engagement through a suite of completely integrated solutions that are exclusive to MemberDirect Integrated Services.

Integrated solutions

  • MemberDirect Intercept Marketing and Behavioural Targeting displays targeted online messages to reach the right audiences at the right time. Find out more.
  • MemberDirect Product Recommender offers customers the products and services they want. Find out more.
  • MemberDirect Online Voting increases participation in the annual vote for directors by taking the election process online. Find out more.


Combines the feature-rich MemberDirect Online Services with a customizable website with powerful online marketing capabilities