AgriInvest Reporting Service

Connects financial institutions with agricultural producers

The AgriInvest program, offered by Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada (AAFC), helps producers protect margins from small declines and provides an investment opportunity to mitigate risk or improve market income. It positions participating financial institutions as valued partners of the agricultural community, while also attracting customers in the agricultural sector.

Customers with AgriInvest accounts make annual deposits based on a percentage of their Allowable Net Sales (ANS), which are eligible for matching contributions by federal, provincial and territorial governments.

Financial institutions participating in the program must submit activity reports to AAFC twice a month for all AgriInvest accounts. AAFC has chosen Central 1 as the reporting centre for the routing numbers it supports, making the AgriInvest Reporting service a requirement. Additionally, Central 1 assigns AgriInvest Officers to liaise between clients and AAFC.


Helping farmers protect their margins