FX Notes Plus

Central 1 offers a cost-effective, web-based application that allows financial institutions to:

  • Buy and sell over 80 foreign currencies.
  • Buy foreign cheques.
  • Buy traveller’s cheques.

PaymentStreamTM FX Notes Plus provides highly competitive rates and allows financial institutions to generate additional non-interest revenue by adding margins to these transactions

Features of PaymentStream FX Notes Plus include the following:

  • Competitive foreign exchange rates: Financial institutions benefit from Central 1’s collective purchasing power, which secures competitive rates. 
  • No cost: There are no upfront implementation costs and no software to manage or update.
  • Over 80 currencies: A comprehensive list of currencies offered eliminates the competitive threat of customers purchasing foreign currency from other suppliers.
  • Fast shipping: The majority of orders are delivered within two business days.
  • Early payment on foreign cheques: Financial institutions can receive payment for foreign cheques before the cheque clears in the foreign country.
  • Onsite inventory: Financial institutions can maintain an inventory of high-demand currencies to immediately serve their customers’ foreign exchange needs.
  • Branding: The web-based application can incorporate your financial institution’s brand.
  • Canadian data storage: All data is stored within Canada and, therefore, is not subject to foreign reporting requirements.


With access to over 80 foreign currencies offered, order what you need today!