PaymentStream Deposit Anywhere

It's as easy as:
Tap, Snap and Send.

PaymentStream Deposit Anywhere allows your customers to remotely deposit cheques using their mobile device anywhere and anytime — a first for Canadian financial institutions.

It’s a perfect fit for small and micro business owners that typically receive fewer than ten cheques a day and make daily trips to the branch to deposit them. Now cheques can be deposited without leaving the workplace simply by opening a mobile app.

Key benefits Preview of video

  • Canadian currency cheques can be deposited into any of the customer’s CAD accounts at your financial institution
  • Deposit amounts appear in customer accounts in real-time*
  • Customers can choose which of their accounts will receive the deposit
  • Duplicate-detection method prevents the same cheque from being deposited twice using Deposit Anywhere
  • Handwriting recognition helps to detect mismatches between the amount entered by the customer and the amount on the cheque
  • Available on MemberDirect® Mobile App and/or any other mobile app that connects to Central 1’s Deposit Anywhere mobile deposit server
  • Brandable service provides for seamless integration with MemberDirect Mobile App


How it works

Step 1: open the app. Step 2: select an account. Step 3: Enter the amount. Step 4: Snap a photo of the front and back of the cheque. Step 5: Confirm the details. Step 6: Submit the digital image.

*Financial institutions must use Central 1’s Real-Time Engine


Another Canadian mobile innovation from Central 1