PaymentStreamTM Cheque Imaging & Online Return System

Central 1's revolutionary first-to-market cheque imaging technology captures digital images of cleared and deposited cheques.

Key features

  • Proof of payment. Financial institutions can retrieve, view and print digital images of cleared cheques online.
  • Ease of use. Financial institutions can detect fraud, make pay/no pay decisions for their customers and use a secure channel to respond to customer inquiries.
  • Future integration. Financial institutions can integrate cheque imaging into upcoming services, including mobile cheque capture, scanning and deposits at corporate offices as well as cheque capture at branches.

Save time by going online


Online Return System

Avoid the costly necessity of manually retrieving physical cheques from storage, processing the return and entering the return envelope into the clearing stream. With Central 1's Online Return System (ORS), all of these operations can be performed using cheque imaging. 

Unlike traditional cheque returns that use physical cheques and a manual process, a cheque image is used when a dishonoured cheque is returned via Central 1. Financial institution clients simply sign into ORS, search for the item and flag it to be returned. Central 1 initiates the return of the dishonoured item using the image of the cheque that was previously captured at one of Central 1's distributed sites.

Key features

ORS allows financial institution clients to search for cheque images quickly and easily based on:

  • Date
  • Amount
  • Account
  • Transit
  • Transaction code
  • Currency
  • Clearing region
  • Trace number

Financial institution clients can also use ORS to search for cheque deposits, cheques drawn on their financial institution, or Automated Fund Transfers.

There's no need to wade through physical paper cheques again