PaymentStreamTM FX Drafts

Financial institution clients use PaymentStream FX Drafts to facilitate the in-branch ordering and printing of international payments in 20 currencies.

Key features

  • Cost effective. Financial institutions benefit from Central 1’s collective purchasing power. Since we can secure competitive rates, our financial institution clients can offer their customers good rates, while allowing each organization to establish its margins on currency transactions.
  • Proven partner. Western Union is a leading service provider in the foreign exchange industry in North America and the provider of choice for many financial institutions.
  • Customization and access. The web-based system can be tailored to the business and IT security requirements of your financial institution. Additionally, multiple-user access permissions can be centrally assigned and controlled.
  • Reporting choices. Both standard and custom live reports are available, giving financial institutions the flexibility to cater reports to their business requirements.

Central 1 facilitates drafts in 20 different currencies