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18 Sep 2023

Tackling fraud through the power of technology

In 2022, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre reported a staggering $530 million in victim losses related to fraud and cybercrime — nearly 40 per cent more than what was reported in 2021. The landscape of fraud prevention is constantly evolving to keep up with fraudsters’ ever-changing tactics. As financial institutions transition to faster payments systems and real-time functionality, they must also adopt new technologies and strategies to effectively mitigate the increasing fraud risk so...
01 Aug 2023

Financial resilience in Canada: Insights and opportunities for credit unions

It’s no secret that Canadians are facing significant challenges with rising interest rates and costs of goods. Grounded by the cooperative model, credit unions are naturally suited to help Canadians navigate challenging macroeconomic times through their deep connections and purpose of supporting their members and communities to improve their financial resilience and health. Eloise Duncan — CEO and Founder, Financial Resilience Institute — recently talked...
05 Jul 2023

DUCA Credit Union on building a profit-sharing rewards program via Central 1’s innovation platform, Forge Community

Central 1 welcomed several new fintechs and credit unions this year to Forge Community, an innovation hub intended to accelerate the pace of innovation and value-add experiences for credit union members. This month, we announced the latest deployments from Forge Community, including news about DUCA Credit Union, who leveraged the ecosystem to introduce a new profit-sharing rewards program for their 92,000 members. We checked in with...
16 Jun 2023  /  by:

The Agency

10 tips for an optimal financial institution website experience

Today’s consumers are digitally-savvy and strapped for time. As a result, when online, they want to find what they’re looking for quickly, easily and with minimal effort – and if you can’t offer it, they’ll move on elsewhere fast. That, in a nutshell, is why user experience (or UX) is so important for your digital channels. The Agency, Central 1's Forge Public Website experts, share...

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