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22 Oct 2020  /  by:

Jim Walker, Manager, Research

Digital Transformation can meet the specialized needs of Gig Workers

Digital transformation has brought a lot of change to how industries conduct business and planning. This is no different for financial services, as digital banking expectations continue to develop and expand more quickly, especially through 2020 with COVID-19. Through fast-paced change, it can be easier to look to the unknown landscapes rather than those we are most familiar with, for example, the gig worker segment of small businesses.   ...
21 Oct 2020  /  by:

The Agency at Central 1

The Police Credit Union reinvents their brand with Forge and The Agency at Central 1

There’s a reason "Digital Transformation" is the term of the day. Digital is reshaping the world we live in, from dining to shopping. And banking is no different. The Police Credit Union (TPCU) recognized the need for this change. With a growing membership spanning a large geographical region and its 75th anniversary fast approaching, TPCU wanted to strengthen its digital banking options and evolve its...
19 Oct 2020  /  by:

Central 1

Securing Your Home Office during COVID-19

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, we've seen a large shift from shared and secured office spaces to remote offices located in our living rooms. In fact, two-thirds of Canadian businesses have at least 60 per cent of their workforce working remotely. Once you sorted out where your new desk would fit, and how to manage distractions from home, did you ever take the time to...
15 Oct 2020  /  by:

Central 1

Expert Spotlight: Randy Johal

Randy Johal is our Product Director, Forge Business Suite, and has over 25 years of experience in business and banking solutions. Randy’s strategic insights into small business coupled with his ability to understand how financial institutions can better serve them have made him a widely sought-after leader. Randy was formally trained as an accountant in the UK before owning his own business and becoming increasingly interested...
21 Sep 2020  /  by:

Randy Johal, Product Director

Easing COVID-19 Pains for Small Businesses

01 Sep 2020  /  by:

Jim Walker and Aanchal Sandhu-The Agency at Central 1

Could TFSA Over-contributions Explode in 2020?

29 Jun 2020  /  by:

Sue Whitney, VP Payments Strategy

Payments Modernization: How to prepare now for Canada’s digital payments future

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