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16 Dec 2020  /  by:

Arvind Sharma, Chief Digital and Payments Officer


Interac e-Transfer transactions: Central 1 sees busiest ever end of month period

Central 1 has experienced its busiest ever end-of-month period for Interac e-Transfer® transaction processing as Canadians increasingly choose digital payment options during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. During the most recent end of month period, Central 1 processed 1.8 million Interac e-Transfer transactions on behalf of Canadian credit unions and other financial institutions, totalling almost $760 million. This achievement demonstrates not only Central 1’s ability to handle...
04 Dec 2020  /  by:

Central 1

Tackling fraud in a world of real-time payments: Meet our expert Gary Eaton

Gary Eaton brings knowledge, experience and skills derived from over two-decades in the RCMP and 17-years investigating and preventing financial crimes (fraud and money laundering) in the credit union system to his new role as Central 1’s Director, Risk Solutions Consulting. We sat down with him to discuss the implications of Canada’s Payments Modernization initiative on fraud and how Central 1 is working to alleviate...
17 Nov 2020  /  by:

The Agency at Central 1

What to look for in your Forge public site design partner

Reimagining your digital experience involves a lot of moving parts – technical evaluations, banking host communication accessibility audits and several other pieces that can begin to feel overwhelming when paired with day-to-day operations and concurrent initiatives. Finding a partner who can take some of that weight off your shoulders will be invaluable as you begin your project, ensuring you can focus your attention where it’s...
12 Nov 2020  /  by:

Karen Zygun, People Practice Leader

“You must welcome change as the rule, but not as your ruler ” -Denis Waitley

One of the only real constants in life is change. We don’t have to look very far into 2020 to see how true this is: digital transformation, remote and hybrid leadership, workforce changes and diversity, equity and inclusion. As we learn to evolve and change in this new environment, it’s becoming more important for companies to understand how to effectively implement change across your organization.  Why is change management important to organizations?  I’ve listed some workplace changes below, but...
02 Dec 2020  /  by:

Central 1

Expert Spotlight: Lisa Gheysen

19 Oct 2020  /  by:

Central 1

Securing Your Home Office during COVID-19

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