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12 May 2022  /  by:

Central 1

Stronger Together: Laurentian Bank of Canada and Central 1

As Canadians increasingly embrace digital banking to simplify their lives, it is more essential than ever for financial institutions to offer robust, convenient and modern solutions. According to a study conducted by the Canadian Bankers Association, eight out of 10 Canadians are using digital channels to conduct most of their banking transactions. For many financial institutions, developing and delivering on a digital transformation strategy requires...
13 Apr 2022  /  by:

The Agency at Central 1

The Agency Collaborates with PMG to Bring Industry-Leading Consumer Insights to the Credit Union System

There’s an adage in the advertising world, “If you aren’t measuring, you aren’t marketing.” It’s true that in the digital world we have access to more data than ever before—about everything from consumers’ likes, dislikes, relationship status, job, and even what they had for breakfast—and there’s never been a greater focus on applying those insights to positively affect the bottom line. However, effective use of...
28 Mar 2022  /  by:

Mark Derraugh

Driving Innovation with Forge Community

Since announcing Forge 2.0 in June, Central 1 is taking significant steps towards building out Forge Community – the ecosystem where clients can access and implement customized plugins provided by their peers, fintechs and innovators. What this means for financial institutions is greater cost advantage and simplified flexibility in choice of providers – significant value-adds for a competitive edge. Since joining Central 1 in October, it’s been an exciting...
24 Nov 2021  /  by:

Sheila Vokey

Coming together to support those impacted by BC flood

After a summer of wildfires that left the province reeling, British Columbia was hit last week with record rainfalls resulting in severe floods that have destroyed homes and critical infrastructure. The impact of these recent events has been unimaginable and hits home for all of us at Central 1. These are communities where we live, work and serve through the support of local credit unions....
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