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24 Nov 2021  /  by:

Sheila Vokey

Coming together to support those impacted by BC flood

After a summer of wildfires that left the province reeling, British Columbia was hit last week with record rainfalls resulting in severe floods that have destroyed homes and critical infrastructure. The impact of these recent events has been unimaginable and hits home for all of us at Central 1. These are communities where we live, work and serve through the support of local credit unions....
31 May 2021  /  by:

Central 1

Part 2- Central 1’s Brent Clode: Leading the Treasury team through a pandemic

In part 1, we learned about the events that transpired in spring 2020 when COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and how the Treasury business supported members. In part 2, we learn more about Brent’s extensive financial services experience, his role at Central 1 and the lessons learned in the past year. Drawing from experience Reflecting on the past year, only someone with Brent’s experience can...
25 May 2021  /  by:

Central 1

Central 1’s Brent Clode: Leading the Treasury team through a pandemic

We had an opportunity to sit down and interview Central 1’s Chief Investment Officer Brent Clode. In this two-part series, we get an insider’s look into how Brent and the Treasury business supported the credit union system and what transpired in spring 2020. Having worked through the dot-com bubble, 9/11 and the global financial crisis, Central 1’s Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Brent Clode is no...
20 May 2021  /  by:

Sue Whitney, VP Payments Strategy

Central 1 leading Canada’s credit union system through Payments Modernization

Central 1 will have a strong presence at the forthcoming Payments Canada Summit; the industry’s once-a-year opportunity to come together to learn, network, and connect on the future state of payments in Canada. Canada is undergoing a massive transformation in its payments industry to support the rapidly changing needs and expectations of the Canadian marketplace, foster innovation and strengthen competition within the payments ecosystem. The...
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