24 Nov 2021  /  by:

Sheila Vokey

Coming together to support those impacted by BC flood

After a summer of wildfires that left the province reeling, British Columbia was hit last week with record rainfalls resulting in severe floods that have destroyed homes and critical infrastructure. The impact of these recent events has been unimaginable and hits home for all of us at Central 1. These are communities where we live, work and serve through the support of local credit unions.

We are heartbroken by the devastation of this recent storm, and yet we have also witnessed the power of collective will. Support has poured in from across the country as we undertake this journey as one. Credit unions are guided by the Cooperative Principles which include Concern for Community and Cooperation Among Cooperatives. We recognize the tremendous value we can bring to local communities by working collectively.

In times of crisis, it requires us all to come together and lift each other up. As community-based financial institutions with deep roots in the areas we serve, credit unions have a long history of coming together in support of Canadians.

To aid the ongoing relief and recovery efforts, Central 1 is coordinating with credit unions across Canada to appeal for donations for the Canadian Red Cross as they work to get help to people in and around affected areas as quickly as possible and provide humanitarian assistance for new needs as they arise. Donations can be made at https://bit.ly/CUs4BCFlood.

Money raised will enable the Canadian Red Cross to carry out relief, recovery, resiliency and risk reduction activities in and beyond the region at the individual and community levels. Every dollar counts and we thank you for your generous donations.

While the road to recovery will be long and arduous, collaboration is the key to rebuilding and Canadian credit unions will be there to support British Columbians every step of the way.