Since announcing Forge 2.0 in June, Central 1 is taking significant steps towards building out Forge Community – the ecosystem where clients can access and implement customized plugins provided by their peers, fintechs and innovators. What this means for financial institutions is greater cost advantage and simplified flexibility in choice of providers – significant value-adds for a competitive edge. Since joining Central 1 in October, it’s been an exciting journey and I’m very proud of our team’s drive to deliver value for our Central 1 clients, including several new plugins.

Here’s a look at our new plugins on Forge Community for financial institutions to implement: 


The first to go live on Forge Community, the ASAPP OXP plugin simplifies the account and lending origination experience for financial institutions and their customers. The plugin pulls in available products from a credit union’s ASAPP instance, integrates FINTRAC-compliant member authentication, and completes account and lending applications with data from the member’s core banking profile – delivering a more effective and engaging member experience.  

“ASAPP is excited to have worked closely with Central 1 over the past year in deploying this digital transformation capability for credit unions,” said ASAPP’s President and CEO, JR Pierman. “This really shows how Forge Community generates greater ROI for clients while delivering a simpler and more engaging member experience.” 

ASAP Cheques Plugin 

ASAP Cheques is a leading cheque provider for financial institutions across Canada. Their plugin simplifies the cheque ordering process by eliminating the need to visit a branch and streamlines the staff impact, allowing clients to prioritize customer relationships and to meet customer service needs that can’t always be done virtually.  

“Credit unions have been asking us to integrate with Central 1’s Forge digital banking platform so they can improve the value and service to their members and front-line staff,” said Les C. Cseh, President of ASAP Cheques. “The ASAP Cheques Plugin creates a seamless customer experience for credit unions, making it quick and easy for members to order cheques and check their order status via online banking, 24/7.” 

FICANEX Plugin    

FICANEX enables accelerated innovation through collaborative partnerships with Canadian financial institutions. The plugin on Forge Community offers the ability to answer inquiries in a wide array of service categories, fully automating up to 70% of inquiries on a 24/7 basis. This enables staff to focus on high-value interactions, creating an exceptional customer experience. Access to extensive data analytics also helps identify key opportunities to improve the service experience and increase customer satisfaction.  
“With on Forge Community, we can now bring this innovative digital solution to clients, optimizing how they deliver top-tier self-service to their customers,” says Andrew Obee, President of FICANEX. “Automating responses for everyday inquiries means Forge clients can increasingly focus on building customer relationships while reducing call centre wait times.

More on the horizon 

These are some of the great new additions to Forge Community and we are working with leading technology vendors to drive continued innovation.  

To learn more about our featured plugins, check out our showcase webinar where we recently hosted a demonstration for committed Forge clients. You can also visit our Forge Community site and our Forge Resource Centre for more information. If you have any questions about Forge 2.0 or any of Central 1’s services, please contact your Relationship Manager.  

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