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The Agency at Central 1

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The Police Credit Union reinvents their brand with Forge and The Agency at Central 1

There’s a reason “Digital Transformation” is the term of the day. Digital is reshaping the world we live in, from dining to shopping. And banking is no different. The Police Credit Union (TPCU) recognized the need for this change. With a growing membership spanning a large geographical region and its 75th anniversary fast approaching, TPCU wanted to strengthen its digital banking options and evolve its brand. That way, it could continue to meet the needs of all its members everywhere for many years to come.

“Digital is fundamentally changing how we operate and how we create value for our members. It allows us to extend the reach of our support far beyond our branch locations. As we celebrate 75 years of proudly serving Ontario’s policing communities, we’re excited to refresh our brand and put in place digital infrastructure. This will ensure we can deliver our exceptional service to members no matter where they are or how their needs evolve.”  
– Andy Doak, Chief Executive Officer 

To achieve this goal with limited resourcing, TPCU needed a full-service partner – one who could simultaneously reinvent their brand while fast-tracking the build of their digital experience on the Forge omnichannel platform. For this reason, they chose The Agency at Central 1.

“We needed a partner to be an extension of our team and help us create a differentiated brand and experience. Working with The Agency was an easy choice for us because of their unmatched knowledge of the platform. Their integration within the Forge Team helped ensure a seamless implementation and gave us access to the latest widget and technical insights to achieve the experience we were looking for. We couldn’t be happier with their work.” 
– Denzil D’Mello, Controller  

Starting with a complete brand refresh, The Agency transformed TPCU’s logo, colours, photography and typography to deliver a striking new look that matched the modern financial institution it is today. They then translated that brand into 14 clean, bold web pages TPCU could use as a blueprint for further work. This included providing everything from strategy and design to copywriting and page building within the Forge Experience Manager.

Ensuring TPCU’s continued success, The Agency’s Forge experts went two steps further, providing in-depth training as well as theming direction for their new online banking and mobile app (coming in 2021). This equipped TPCU’s one-man team with the tools and foundation to cohesively execute the new brand across all digital channels in time to celebrate its momentous anniversary. Congratulations, TPCU! 

Need help with your brand, your Forge Public Site or anything in-between? Reach out to The Agency through your Central 1 Relationship Manager or visit their website to find out more about how they can support you.