Cyber Security

Cyber Security is everyone’s concern — yours, your customer’s and ours.

Cyber Security is now a priority for every business, and even more so for financial institutions. Attacks can impair customer confidence, cost millions of dollars and impact your service.

We provide a full suite of cyber security solutions that detect, prevent and mitigate threats, providing you and your customer with protection and peace of mind – 24 / 7 / 365.


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Increased Authentication with 2-Step Verification
Add an extra layer of security by sending customers a one-time verification code via SMS, email or voice call during high-risk or suspicious activities, like large payments and logins from new locations.
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Umpire/PAC Blocker
Prevent fraudulent activity and brute force attacks by detecting spikes in the number of failed logins and automatically blocking any further attempts.
Strong PAC
Strengthen your customers’ personal access codes by allowing them to use both letters and numbers during setup.
Extended PAC
Let customers create personal access codes up to 30 characters long to reinforce their strength.
Weak PAC Detection
Show customers the strength of their new personal access codes in real-time during setup to prevent weak PAC creation. This is only available for numeric PACs.
Weak PAC Reporting
Get a weekly report showing you all the customers logging in with weak personal access codes, so you can intervene and reduce your risk of exposure.
Self-Serve Reset PAC
Give customers the ability to reset their personal access code themselves without visiting a branch or contacting your call center – saving you both time.
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Self-Serve Login Features
Use questions based on customers’ TransUnion credit report to verify their identity when resetting a personal access code or enrolling in services like digital banking.
Interac® sign-in service
Help customers easily and securely access critical government services using their banking credentials with you to verify their identity.
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Risk Engine / Case Manager
Take advantage of an advanced Bayesian algorithm that analyzes customer patterns and notifies you via the Case Manager if any suspicious activity is detected during login and other transactions.
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Outseer FraudAction™
Proactively protect customers from phishing, trojan and rogue mobile app scams, with 24/7 support from a global analyst team that identifies and shuts down threats, providing real-time alerts and forensics.
Block fraudulent login attempts from automated software by asking users to identify specific images out of a selection – a task that’s easy for a human but difficult for bots.
Automatically send an SMS or email to notify customers of insufficient funds, scheduled payments, potential compromises, and other account conditions.
Allow customers to manage access to their debit card themselves – anytime, anywhere – via online banking on their desktop or mobile devices.
Masking Personal Information
Masking Personal Information is a security feature aimed to enhance your online security by partially hiding credit card and SIN numbers. It will help to reduce the risk of identity theft incidents that could result from compromised accounts. ​

Online Threats

Did you know that Canadians are one of the top cyber security targets in the world? Whether it’s phishing, brute force attacks, social engineering or one of the many other forms of cyber threat, find out what you can do to keep your financial institution and customers safe online.

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Layers of Defence

When it comes to your customer data, Central 1 leaves nothing to chance.

Our platforms are built on multiple layers of defence designed to mitigate all cyber threats, during development, launch and beyond. You’ll find most of our products and services can be found in the Authentication and Malicious Activity Detection layers, increasing the security of online identity verification and protecting you from cyber security attacks through monitoring and analysis.



Increased Authentication

Umpire/PAC Blocker

PAC Enhancements

Weak PAC Detection/Reporting

Self-serve PAC/Login

Interac® sign-in service

Malicious Activity Detection



Risk Engine Case Manager

Member Alerts

Outseer FraudAction™

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

With Central 1 you get more than just software

We have four more layers of security that form the foundation for all of our products and services. Each layer focuses on a different aspect of the development, maintenance or future state of the platform.

Application Security


Secure Development

Penetration Testing

Static Code Analysis

Security Training

Independent Reviews

Platform Security


Disaster Recovery

Data Encryption

Server Hardening

Vulnerability & Patch Management

Physical Security

Operational Security


24/7 Threat Monitoring

Security Incident Management

Problem Management

Security Education & Webinars

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