MemberDirect® e-Documents

Financial institutions can send documentation (e.g. T5s, mortgage receipts, transaction receipts, etc.) and marketing material (e.g. promotions, incentives, contests, etc.) to customers securely and conveniently through their online banking with MemberDirect e-Documents.

Through partnerships between Central 1 and third-party providers, you can reduce paper, printing, handling and postage costs by using MemberDirect e-Documents. Additional benefits include a reduction in branch visits and increased traffic to your online banking website.

Key benefits to financial institutions

  • Reduces costs for printing, handling and postage
  • Increases online traffic to banking websites
  • Enhances customer satisfaction
  • Opens a new channel for marketing and communications
  • Decreases environmental footprint

Key benefits to customers

  • Access documents quickly and conveniently online, anytime
  • Retain and access documents as PDF files
  • Print documents as needed
  • Reduce paper consumption
  • Archive documents electronically


Send documentation and marketing material online to your customers