MemberDirect® Intercept Marketing and Behavioural Targeting

When it comes to selling financial products online, success happens when customers see promotional offers and product information that is timely and relevant to their needs. Online conversions rely on the right mix of message, place and time.

MemberDirect Intercept Marketing

MemberDirect Intercept Marketing creates opportunities for you to display messages to customers after they log in to your online banking platform, but before they arrive to the Account Summary screen and begin their online interactions.

When intercept marketing messages are displayed, customers can either:

  • Accept the offer and be directed to a page to learn more
  • Reject the offer and be directed to the Account Summary screen (and the offer won’t appear again)
  • Choose to view the offer later and, in this case, customers are directed to their Account Summary screens and the offer is presented at a later date.

MemberDirect Behavioural Targeting

With behavioural targeting, financial institutions can increase the opportunities for online conversions and sales by displaying targeted content to specific customers based on their online banking behaviour (e.g. frequency of visits, recent visits, content destination, etc.).


Increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns delivered through your online banking site