MemberDirect® Mobile App

Available for iPhone® and Android phones, the MemberDirect Mobile App combines the security, features and convenience of mobile banking with the unparalleled user experience and simplicity that users have come to expect from iPhone and Android apps.

Credit unions offering both the Android and iPhone versions of the mobile app can support up to 91 per cent of their mobile banking customers.

Key benefits Mobile App Video Thumbnail

  • View account balances and account history with enhanced account details, advanced search and filtering tools
  • Pay bills (immediate and scheduled)
  • Transfer funds (immediate and scheduled)
  • Deposit cheques using the camera on mobile devices with Deposit Anywhere™ *
  • Send Interac® e-Transfers to make mobile person-to-person payments and add new e-Transfer recipients*
  • Receive personal messages and urgent financial reminders*
  • View the latest rates
  • Find nearby branches and/or ATMs

* If these features are already supported by your financial institution.

QuickviewScreenshot of MemberDirect mobile app

The QuickView feature displays the balances of selected accounts whenever the app is open, allowing customers to monitor account balances without having to log in to their online banking website.

Small business is covered

Your small business customers have the ability to view, approve and reject transactions, letting them stay on top of their finances wherever their businesses take them.



Screenshots of our mobile app on an Android phone

An engaging and cross-platform mobile banking experience for your customers