MemberDirect® Product Recommender

The seemingly endless number of financial products and services available to customers can make it difficult and time consuming to determine which products best fit their financial needs — a phenomenon that is amplified by the self-serve, online environment.  

Based on your customers’ requirements, MemberDirect Product Recommender suggests a single financial product and up to two optional ones, letting customers compare and contrast alternatives from within a single product category. Customers can accept the product recommended or compare all the features of selected products before deciding to make an online application.

By offering a recommendation, rather than a laundry list of options, MemberDirect Product Recommender more closely resembles interaction with a financial adviser and can lead to a higher rate of online conversion.

Key benefits

With MemberDirect Product Recommender, customers can:

  • Find relevant products and services quickly and easily
  • View features and detailed product information on each of the selected products
  • Switch between the selections and comparison functions without leaving the tool
  • Apply online for recommended products (if your financial institution already offers online forms through MemberDirect Services, another web application or lead generation forms)

Additional features

Customers can search, decide on and apply for products online in a single visit when MemberDirect Forms is combined with MemberDirect Product Recommender.


Deliver recommendations on financial products with a sophisticated selector tool