MemberDirect® Small Business Services

Small and micro businesses in Canada represent the fastest-growing business segment in the country. These business owners want flexibility and control over their financial affairs so they can remain focused on their core businesses.

With MemberDirect Small Business Services, financial institutions can meet those needs.

Key benefits

  • Delegate functions gives employees or business partners access to select accounts where they can view details, initiate transfers or make payments. Business owners can choose to review and approve transactions initiated by delegates.
  • Dual signature support allows one delegate to initiate a transaction and another to approve or reject it
  • Mobile access allows customers to manage their small business accounts and services anywhere, anytime
  • Account consolidation gives small businesses the power and convenience to group and perform transactions between personal and small business accounts, using a single login

Additional features

  • MemberDirect CRA Payments – Business Taxes provides business customers with a simple, secure and rapid way to remit federal business taxes online to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Find out more.
  • Interac® e-Transfer allows small business customers, including those with dual-signature support, to send and receive transfers quickly, conveniently and securely to (or from) anyone with an email or phone number. Find out more.
  • MemberDirect My Business-to-My Business Transfer makes it possible for small business customers to transfer money between their accounts held at various financial institutions quickly and easily through online banking. It helps financial institutions attract more deposits and benefit from increased online activity and cross-selling opportunities. Find out more.

A tailored and flexible online solution for small and micro businesses