Each year, more and more customers pay their bills online. With epost, they can view and pay their bills all in the same place. Canada Post’s free electronic bill presentment service integrates seamlessly with MemberDirect® Services to provide a convenient and paperless bill payment solution without having to remember any additional logins or passwords.

Canada Post’s electronic service supports more than 100 organizations as “Mailers,” including telecommunications and credit card companies and government agencies. With more than 200 bills and other types of financial documents, such as statements and payroll stubs, epost allows customers to set bill payment reminders and digitally archive materials for up to seven years.

epost enhances customer convenience and security, while positioning your financial institution’s online banking website as a single source for customers’ day-to-day banking needs.

Key benefits to customers

  • View bills through their financial institution's online banking site
  • Receive paperless bills
  • Archive bills for up to seven years

Key benefits to financial institutions

  • Enhance customer convenience and security
  • Position your online banking website as the single source for your customers' day-to-day banking needs


A bill presentment solution integrated into your online banking website