PaymentStreamTM Cheque Clearing & Deposits

Central 1 facilitates the clearing and settlement of deposited cheques on behalf of credit unions and other financial institutions across Canada at exchange points in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. Along with its partners, Central 1 facilitates the clearing and settlement of Canadian, U.S. and foreign currency cheques, as well as federal and provincial savings bonds. Central 1 also distributes remittances across Canada.

Key features

  • Unique. Central 1 owns and operates the only fully-distributed cheque-capture platform in Canada.
  • Competitive costs. Central 1 controls the entire process, from top to bottom, helping to control costs for financial institution clients.
  • Flexible technology. Central 1 stays on top of technology enhancements, allowing clients' unique processing needs to be met.


Central 1 processes more than 110 million cheques a year