Economic Insights

Analysis, insight and forecasting. From four of the best. Good data and great economists who have their eye on your future.

Working with Central 1 is like having your own research team looking out for your best interests. We think you’ll come to rely on our timely and non-biased economic research, solid analysis, and forecasting. Like the Big Five banks, our economists are well-known in the Canadian media landscape and are sought after for their distillation of complex market issues.

Central 1 is proud to have four of the industry’s most respected economists working for us. First is Chief Economist, Helmut Pastrick, Edgard Navarrete, Alan Chow and Bryan Yu. Together, they make a well-balanced team that closely monitors and analyzes economic trends and conditions that affect your business.

Here you’ll find a truly wide variety of reports to help you understand important economic changes on the horizon. From weekly briefings to issues-based papers, each report is concise yet covers a lot of ground. Central 1’s economic reports are always worthy of your time.

Looking for previous reports not archived below?  No worries. Send us an email with what you are looking for.