Business Banking Solutions

Intuitive, scalable and fully integrated

Become the financial partner of choice for businesses of every size

Our Business Banking Solutions deliver the flexible, scalable solutions you need to capture, retain and deepen relationships with business customers at every stage of growth, from solo-preneurs to established, large corporations.

Small Business

Effortlessly attract the fastest growing market in Canada, graduating current customers up and capturing new ones with a holistic digital banking solution that integrates all the next-level tools they need in one place.
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Effectively compete against the big banks for the lucrative large enterprise segment, by providing the all-in-one solution, data insights and advanced cash management features to fast-track their growth.
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The all-in-one business banking customers are waiting for

One-stop, streamlined platform

Exceed customer expectations with a centralized platform that integrates all the tools their business needs to simplify financial management – no matter its size.

Customized customer experience

Become irreplaceable by providing customers with à la carte services they can add to their system as needed – customizing their experience while boosting your retention and revenue.

Round-the-clock cyber security

Enjoy built-in, 24/7/365 cyber security provided by Central 1’s expert team, trusted partners and advanced risk engine, securing your system and peace of mind without you lifting a finger.

Fully Canadianized and ready for market

Eliminate the cost and coordination required to integrate essential Canadian tech, such as Interac. We’ve built it all in for you, along with key global tech on top, ensuring you get to market faster and with a lot less effort.

Powered by open platform technology

Benefit from a true open platform that connects you with an entire community of clients and fintechs developing innovations together. Many providers say they offer this, but they don’t.

Future-proofed innovation

Stay on the cutting edge of digital banking, and well ahead of your competition and evolving customer needs with our innovation roadmaps for each tier of the Business Banking Suite.

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