Commercial Banking

Built to drive growth

Tap into the lucrative medium-to-large enterprise segment with Central 1’s Commercial Banking. A refined, self-service digital banking solution, it delivers the advanced payments features, streamlined financial management, robust security and real-time business insights customers need to drive growth.


Cutting-edge features that make commercial banking a breeze

Advanced money movement

Give your medium-to-large business customers the ability to conduct high-limit transactions domestically and globally, as well as complex internal transfers between subsidiaries or departments.

/ International wire transfers
/ Domestic wire transfers
/ Stop payments
Interac e-transfer® up to $25K
/ Account-to-account transfers
/ Bill payments (single, recurring & scheduled)
/ Full suite of CRA payments
/ Selected provincial tax forms

Robust user management & security

Allow customers to tailor their user access, permissions and transaction limits by job function for a wide range of financial features – all backed by Central 1’s in-house cyber security experts and cutting-edge solutions.

/ Corporation and user management setup provided by Central 1
/ Multi-level approval & transaction limits
/ Audit trails
/ Activity alerts & messaging
/ Login with increased authentication

Optimized financial management

Streamline customers’ complex back-office duties with productivity-optimizing features designed to reduce manual entry and accelerate processes. This includes the ability to load over 1,000 account summaries on screen within just 15 seconds.

/ Accelerated multi-account loading
/ Account grouping
/ Transaction templates
/ Account renaming
/ Transaction reporting (wires & payments)
/ Digital business tax filing


Data-driven sales

Optimize sales efforts, by equipping your team with a dashboard of key customer insights to personalize interactions and deliver product recommendations before customers even know they need them.

/ Aggregated cash positioning for all accounts in a single, simplified dashboard
/ Identification of cross-selling opportunities

Two-way core system integration

Seamlessly connect your customers’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and online banking to accelerate their processes and offer real-time insight into their business health.

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