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Join the Forge Community as we collectively build an ecosystem of widgets and capabilities everyone can leverage and enhance together.

Part of the Forge omnichannel digital banking platform and its world-class product suite, the Forge Community is designed to keep you on the cutting edge of digital banking innovation long-term.

The Ecosystem

The Forge Community will be an integrated digital ecosystem where fintechs and Forge clients can design, build and benefit from each other’s innovations. Resources, information and tools will be shared among participants. By pooling our capabilities and resources together in this way we will:

/ Create economies of scale
/ Reduce the friction that slows down data exchange
/ Accelerate everyone’s time to market

All to ensure that our community’s common goal is realized – to revolutionize the way our customers bank online.

Ecosystem Image

Ecosystem Image

Components offered in the ecosystem are complementary to one another, providing a one-stop experience

An initial offering of core components which are highly desired or essential to the platform is provided by Central 1

Additional components will be provided by platform community (credit unions, banks, Fintechs, etc.)

Developing for the Forge Community

A foundation for success


An expansive self-serve library of plugins and capabilities with seamless selection, checkout, and provisioning. The catalogue is sortable, searchable, and easy to navigate. You will have access to all of our foundational plugins to get you started and you’ll find contributions from our pool of fintech partners and clients to help enrich your digital banking experience.


A two-way Continuous Integration / Continuous Development (CI/CD) pipeline will be the channel to add new components to the Community, and the means by which clients will deploy or provision components. The pipeline will enable clients to deploy rapidly and to reduce the complexity and risk associated with each release. Deployment processes will be standardized and automated wherever possible to minimize the potential for manual errors. Automated quality control assessments and code security scans will be incorporated into the release process to ensure every code change is of consistent quality.

Continuous Integration
Clients will deploy selected components through a Central 1 supported pipeline. Ensuring the consistency and quality of Forge components is a high priority and, regardless of the pipeline process, a quality check will be conducted through manual or automated scans on all components deployed.

Component Development & Maintenance
To ensure a streamlined Forge Community experience, Central 1 will proactively guide the creation of new components and maintenance of existing ones. Central 1 will review the use-case for each new proposal submitted through the intake process. Furthermore, all upgrades will be coordinated through Central 1 to ensure strict version control and transparent roles and responsibilities.

Developer Portal

A comprehensive repository of developer tools, guidelines, and training materials, designed to promote the use of existing components and the creation of new ones. Collectively, these resources provide a solid foundation for the work of the Forge developer community, and a channel through which information, resources, and best practices may be shared.

Developer Tools
  • Re-usable libraries, templates, and SDKs designed to expedite development start-up
  • Tools to enable application developers to quickly and easily access the Forge Community
Developer Guidelines
  • API and Code Standards to ensure standardization and consistency of design
  • Direction to ensure components are re-usable and to facilitate incremental development
  • Best practices on standards for internal and external-facing capabilities
  • Technical prerequisites and specifications

Developer Support
  • Online ticketing system to raise production issues with Central 1 support team and to monitor resolution
  • Central 1 support for development of new components or configurations

Developer Forum
  • Capacity for developers, designers, and other stakeholders to engage on the platform/li>
  • Opportunity to share ideas and best practices across the Forge Forge Community

The Contributors Journey

Want to learn more about contributing to the Forge Community?
Let us walk you through the process from start to finish.

Forge Community Developer Portal

Accelerate and streamline your onboarding as a Forge Community developer.

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Forge Community Developer Requirements

Central 1 continues to refine the set of minimum requirements needed to contribute to the Forge Community. Broadly put, as long as contributors meet the Canadian regulatory requirements, and Central 1 code structure guidelines then your creation will qualify for the Forge Community.
Plugins can be developed in any programming language.

UX plugins must be developed to ensure inheritance of theming standards. Furthermore, the use of specific client brands (fonts, logos, colours) which cannot be configured is not permitted.

Plugins that store or access tenant data must support multitenancy. Furthermore, they must not be used to export Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and must meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Any data access must do so via declared Capability Data Contracts.

All contributions to the Forge Community must pass through Central 1 code review, security scans, performance and functional testing. They must also meet the Central 1 structure guidelines so that they can be deployed through the Forge pipeline.

All contributions to the Forge Community must meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA standards (

All contributions to the Forge Community must be built in such a way that is containerized within a single plugin. Adverse effects on other plugins (both functional and cosmetic) will not be permitted.

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