Forge Community

Building a digital innovation ecosystem designed to keep credit unions on the cutting edge.

Forge Community is an integrated digital ecosystem that brings together Fintech developers and Forge clients to accelerate the pace of innovation and optimize the digital experience clients deliver their customers.

How it works

These are our Forge clients. They can use the Forge Community to connect with Contributors and access their digital solutions, keeping themselves on the cutting edge of financial innovation.

Contributors: These are:

  • Fintechs, who create digital solutions that Participants can implement on Forge to enhance their offering.
  • Forge clients, who can develop digital solutions to use themselves or to share with the Community.

Central 1:
We provide the digital infrastructure (Forge) that Participants use and Contributors build on, allowing them to connect and partner together.

Forge Community Chart

Interested in being a Participant?

Learn more about Forge Community and how it helps accelerate your pace of digital innovation.

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Interested in being a Contributor?

Open to both Fintechs and Forge clients, becoming a Forge Community Contributor brings many benefits.

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Understanding the ecosystem

Forge Community curates a wealth of Fintech solutions clients can integrate into their Forge product suite, enhancing their digital banking channels.

Forge Ecosystem Diagram

Forge Ecosystem Diagram

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