Forge Community

Join the Forge Community as we collectively build an ecosystem of capabilities everyone can leverage and enhance together.

The Forge Community is an integrated digital ecosystem where Contributors and Forge clients can design, build and benefit from each other’s innovations. Resources, information and tools will be shared among participants. By pooling our capabilities and resources together in this way we will:

/ Create economies of scale
/ Reduce the friction that slows down data exchange
/ Accelerate everyone’s time to market

All to ensure that our community’s common goal is realized – to revolutionize the way our customers bank online.

How it works

Participants: These are our Forge clients. They can use the Forge Community to connect with Contributors and access their digital banking solutions to keep themselves on the cutting edge of financial innovation.

Contributors: These are third-party developers or Forge clients with development teams. They create the “plugins” or digital solutions Participants can implement on Forge to enhance their customer’s digital banking experience.

Central 1: We provide the digital infrastructure (Forge) that Participants use and Contributors build on, allowing them to connect and partner together.

Forge Community Chart

The Participant’s Journey

Learn how you can benefit from best-in-class solution providers to accelerate your pace of digital innovation.

The Contributor's Journey

Want to learn more about contributing to the Forge Community? Let us walk you through the process from start to finish.

The Ecosystem

Be part of the Forge omnichannel digital banking platform and its world-class product suite, the Forge Community is designed to keep you on the cutting edge of digital banking innovation long-term.

Forge Ecosystem Image

Forge Ecosystem Image

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