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Central 1 is pleased to announce its $5 million investment in the Government of Canada’s Ukraine Sovereignty Bond. An amount equal to the proceeds from the bond will directly support the Government of Ukraine to provide essential services to Ukrainians, such as pensions, purchasing of fuel before winter and restoring energy infrastructure.

“Central 1 is grateful for the opportunity to support Ukraine in their continued time of need, through this federally backed investment designated for the Government of Ukraine,” said Brent Clode, Chief Investment Officer, Central 1. “We were also pleased to assist our Canadian credit union members who expressed an interest in purchasing this bond. Standing together in solidarity with Ukraine is an example of our shared co-operative values in action.”

As an investor in the Ukraine Sovereignty Bond, Central 1 purchased a Government of Canada security denominated in Canadian dollars and backed by Canada’s triple-A credit rating. The timely repayment to bondholders is guaranteed by the Government of Canada. The bond will mature on August 24, 2027, Ukrainian Independence Day.

Earlier this year, Central 1 temporarily waived processing fees for wire transfers delivering financial assistance to Ukraine and its neighbouring countries. In partnership with Canadian Credit Union Association, we also combined efforts to collectively raise funds for the Canada-Ukraine Foundation and offered employee donation matching to organizations providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Learn more about the Government of Canada’s Ukraine Sovereignty Bond.

For questions about Central 1 Treasury, please contact Treasury@central1.com.

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