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2022 Central 1 Annual Report Available Now

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The interactive 2022 Central 1 Annual Report is now available online 

While 2022 brought significant change and uncertainty, it also created opportunities for Central 1 to reset, enhance and expand our offerings to better serve our members and clients, and work towards our purpose of enabling a thriving credit union system. 

Each year, Central 1 releases our annual report to share the story of our organization beyond the detailed information you will find in our financial statements. As an organization that serves a wide range of members and clients who, in turn, serve a wide range of Canadians, our work is more than just the products and services we provide — it’s also about the people we work with to enable a thriving credit union system. 

Explore the stories in our interactive online Annual Report at On behalf of the Central 1 team, thank you for your support and trust in Central 1.