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Today, Central 1 releases our company’s 2018 to 2020 strategic plan: A Bold Way Forward.

Through 2017 Central 1 relied on our values of courage, curiosity and collaboration to take an honest look internally at our strengths and areas for improvement, and acknowledged that we have opportunities to strengthen delivery to members and clients. We consulted with stakeholders to understand their expectations, and how we can best evolve to provide the leadership needed to support their success.

This is a year of fresh starts and change for Central 1, including our approach to delivering our financial services solutions to clients, and supporting our members. Our current three-year strategic plan is built on three key pillars that will inform our operational activities:

  • Client Centricity
  • Operational Excellence
  • System Leadership

We realize that our clients have choices. Our goal is to be the partner of choice that delivers on the commitments we’ve made in a way that puts the focus on our clients and their needs, and creates a system environment that helps credit unions and their members thrive.

While this plan looks to the future, it is firmly based on what we’ve learned from the past. For over a decade, Central 1 has provided core support to credit unions across British Columbia and Ontario, along with other clients across the country. This experience sets the foundation for Central 1 to build the trust of our members and clients, and looks ahead to becoming the national partner of choice for financial, digital banking and payment solutions.

We have set ambitious goals for ourselves. Our Board has set the direction that we be bold, and our leadership has committed to an expectation of building strong. Central 1 intends to demonstrate and measure our performance, and be transparent with, and accountable to our clients. Ongoing engagement with you will provide the clear feedback we rely on to provide the innovation and value that will strengthen our organization, our clients, our members and our credit union system.

We look forward to sharing our progress on this strategy as we drive change ahead.

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