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Finding funding through mortgage underwriting: Momentum session spotlight

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In today’s changing economic environment, it’s difficult for credit unions to rely solely on member deposits for funding. Strategic mortgage underwriting has the potential to open up additional funding sources for credit unions– if they understand how to apply the rules and tools. The way credit unions underwrite mortgages now can set the stage for the funding options available to them over the next five years.

Last year, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) introduced their B20 guidelines that tightened mortgage underwriting standards further, affecting both consumers and the financial institutions that support them. It also impacted the ways that credit unions can access mortgage funding, as OSFI-regulated institutions can only purchase or hold mortgages that are B20 compliant.

At Central 1’s Momentum meeting, October 28 to 30, Central 1’s Treasury team will show credit unions how to take advantage of these funding opportunities. Participants will come away with knowledge of different funding options, the tools to optimize their mortgage underwriting to meet funding criteria and learn how to price mortgages based on funding options available.

This is a chance to learn from a critical mass of subject experts, take part in great discussions, and learn from peers about what’s actually happening in the financial landscape.

After this session, Momentum attendees will have a great start to practically applying what they’ve learned to their operations and strategy. Learn more about this and other sessions at the Momentum website.