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Momentum 2018 Summit & Trade Show Highlights

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There’s a definition of the word Momentum that reflects what’s happening at Central 1 right now: ‘the impetus of a non-physical process, such as an idea or course of events.’

At our Momentum summit, October 28 to 30, there was a palpable energy and sense of impetus driving us and our clients forward together to ensure a thriving credit union system.

Our goal was to give you a great experience over the three days, with sessions and roundtable discussions on making our clients and industry thrive in an environment of disruption. With so many sessions to choose from, you probably weren’t able to attend them all. We’re pleased to provide this roundup of the event – with links to presentations – so that you and your colleagues have a chance to take advantage of all the great content.

Read the Momentum 2018 Highlights.