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"Some Choices Matter" - Help us get the message out


As a customer, you will probably do more business with your financial institution than any other corporation in your lifetime. So why not take the profits your financial institution makes, and put them to work for you and your community?

Watch “Some Choices Matter” now.

What is this video and campaign all about?

This isn’t a campaign – at least, not in the traditional sense. Rather, this is our chance to start a conversation about the choices people make about where they bank and invest their money, and why those choices matter.

To help facilitate that conversation, we’re going to be inviting people to tell us their stories about how joining a credit union has ‘mattered’ to them and the communities where they live. We’ll be documenting and sharing these stories with our communities, in conversations at boardroom tables and kitchen tables, and through photographs and videos and other media using #somechoicesmatter.

We’re not quite sure where this conversation will take us, or how the story will end because we haven’t heard all of the stories yet. However, we believe that the conversation we’re starting will prompt people to think more about the impact their financial choices can have in their communities.

Why are we doing this? Is it just to get more members for credit unions?

Of course we want more people to join credit unions. But our story is about something more than that. We’re asking people to think how they participate in their communities. Our goal is to inspire a broader public conversation about the choices that we make (or don’t make) about how we spend our money — something that impacts both us and our communities.

How can you help?

We can’t start this conversation without getting the video and it’s message out and we can’t do that without you. We want your help to get this video out into the social media world. So please, share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and anywhere else you think we can get at a large audience. Don’t forget to follow the conversation at #somechoices matter.

Our hope is that by sharing this video, we can provoke conversation, and get people to start thinking more about the impact their financial choices can have in their communities.

The video can be found on the site.