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Three new directors join Central 1’s board

VANCOUVER, B.C.—Three new directors joined the Board of Central 1 Credit Union, effective Saturday, April 27, concluding the organization’s annual general meeting in Vancouver.

The new board members are Elmer Epp of Interior Savings, who replaces Jack Whittaker, Bill Kiss of Gulf and Fraser Fishermen’s Credit Union, who replaces Phil Moore, and Bill Maurin of Meridian, replacing Sean Jackson.

The three new members were acclaimed to their positions. Terry Enns of First West Credit Union was also acclaimed for another term and Dan Burns was re-appointed by Coast Capital Savings.

Enns remains chairperson of the board and Johanne Charbonneau of Alterna Savings and Credit Union Limited continues as vice-chairperson. All elected, re-elected and re-appointed directors received three-year terms.

At a luncheon on Friday, April 26, the Credit Union Foundation of British Columbia acknowledged the contributions made during the careers of two former Central 1 executives and presented distinguished service awards to Linda Archer, former senior vice-president, human resources and marketing, and to Rowland Kelly, former chief financial officer.

In addition, Andrea Harris, manager community investment at Vancity, received the Gary Gillam Award, jointly sponsored by Alterna Savings and Central 1, which recognizes an individual in the Ontario or B.C. credit union system for their achievement in:

  • Promoting social responsibility and/or sustainability in credit unions; and/or
  • Promoting credit unions as a socially responsible investment alternative.

Harris worked with a number of board and staff committees to draft a social finance strategy that established the intellectual and strategic foundation for the credit union’s current community impact strategy. It was determined that Vancity’s impact had potential to grow in areas such as affordable housing and social purpose real estate; local natural and organic food; energy efficiency and renewable energy; and social enterprise, among others.

Harris donated her $2,500 award to Aunt Leah’s Independent Living Society, where she is a board member.

On Saturday, Central 1’s Board accepted Communications Technology Credit Union (ComTech) as a Class A member. ComTech, which has branches in Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa and Nepean, has more than 13,000 members and more than $200 million in assets. 

Central 1's Board of Directors for 2013/14

Keith Brain (Peer Group One – Northline)

Daniel Burns (Coast Capital Savings Credit Union appointee)

Johanne Charbonneau (Peer Group Seven – Ontario)

Terry Enns (Peer Group Five)

Elmer Epp (Peer Group Two – Okanagan)

Rick Hoevenaars (Peer Group Seven – Ontario)

Scott Kennedy (Peer Group Seven – Ontario)

William Kiss (Peer Group Six)

Douglas Lang (Peer Group Four – Vancouver Island)

William Maurin (Peer Group Seven – Ontario)

Emmet McGrath (Peer Group Five)

Patrice Pratt (Vancouver City Savings Credit Union appointee)

Tracy Redies (Coast Capital Savings Credit Union appointee)

Dave Sitaram (Peer Group Seven – Ontario)

Doug Stoddart (Peer Group Three – Kootenay)

Tamara Vrooman (Vancouver City Savings Credit Union appointee)

Central 1 held its annual general meeting in Vancouver on Saturday, April 27, 2013. The 2012 annual report is available online.


About Central 1

Central 1 is the central financial facility and trade association for the B.C. and Ontario credit union systems. Central 1 represents a consumer-oriented, full-service retail financial system that serves three million members and holds $86.2 billion in assets and is owned primarily by its member credit unions, 44 in B.C. and 99 in Ontario.

With offices in Vancouver, Mississauga, and Toronto, Central 1 provides a wide range of services such as liquidity management, direct banking, and flexible payment service solutions.

About the Gary Gillam Award for social responsibility

This award was established to honour the memory and work of Gary H. Gillam. Gary was the Director, Legal, Governmental Affairs and Administration, at the former Credit Union Central of Ontario (CUCO) from 1982-1988. In 1988, he became CEO of Unicoll Credit Union (now Alterna Savings), where he worked until illness forced his resignation in 1993.

Gary Gillam was one of the leading advocates for social responsibility in the credit union system. He vigorously promoted the concept of social investment, calling on credit unions and their centrals to use social as well as financial criteria for their investment portfolios. He supported the development of community loans funds to provide assistance to socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. At Unicoll and CUCO, he initiated social audits to measure the social performance of the organization, as a complementary process to the financial audit.

The Gary Gillam Award was established in 1996 and is awarded annually.


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