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Central 1 is the only one-stop shop for all-inclusive payments services across exchange, clearing, & settlement.

Central 1 is an integral part of Canada’s banking system, processing more than 645 million payments annually on behalf of 295 financial institutions for over 5 million Canadian individual and businesses. We’re the largest payments processor for Canadian credit unions, processing the majority of credit union payment items. With Central 1, you’ll be connected to one of Canada’s best payment systems with solutions that are compatible with any core banking system and modern digital platform.

Our Payments Service areas

Exchange, Clearing & Settlement

Conveniently connect to SWIFT, Payments Canada, and Interac®

Every year, we process over 70 million paper clearing items and over 575 million electronic clearing items, from transactions at ATMs, Point-Of-Sale (POS) devices, and Interac e-Transfer®, for 295 financial institutions across Canada.

Fraud & Risk Management

Steer clear of financial and reputational damage.

We’re the experts in fraud detection and prevention with a dedicated Fraud Solutions team. Our innovative fraud and risk framework is designed to keep you safe and sound while ensuring compliance and supporting open access.

Data Services

Leverage mountains of payments data.

Our modern solutions are ISO20022 enabled and compliant, providing analytical insights driven by rich remittance data so that you can offer products and services better tailored to your unique customers.

Payments Client Centre

Explore your one stop shop for the latest news and content to help you on your payments modernization journey.

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Why Central 1 for Payments?

Global Best-In-Class Partnerships

Gain access to our trusted partners with Canadian and global experience
in modernizing & managing payments utilities.

Operational Excellence

Trust in our over 20 years of experience running a best-in-class payments service with operational experts who know their stuff and have the certifications to prove it.

Universal Connectivity

Benefit from full-service turnkey solutions with flexible integration options. We’ll help you mitigate change and ensure frictionless front-line experiences at your FI.

Collaborative Working Model

Our priorities are shaped by customer input and we take care to advocate on behalf of all of our clients, no matter how big or small, with organizations like Interac and Payments Canada.

24/7/365 Support

Get help whenever you need it with 24-hour, year-round support including incident response and fraud monitoring for all payments services.

Value-added Services

Learn from Central 1’s in-house experts who share industry best practices on topics like client experience, operations, risk management, and cyber security.

Safety & Soundness

Get peace of mind with our proven track record of safe & reliable payments services supported by a continuously evolving risk approach & framework that includes our world class ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

Industry Approved

Trust in a team and approach to payments that is recognized by the industry experts at Payments Canada and trusted by 295 financial institutions.

What our clients are saying

Products & Services

Good technology just works. That’s why our suite of payment solutions enable your customers to pay in so many ways. You get operational efficiency that helps build your bottom line.

Pre-authorized debits and direct deposit transactions speed along quickly with increased accuracy and fewer delinquencies. Ideal for all kinds of reoccurring payments like payroll, strata fees, and mortgage payments that can be originated by you or your business customers.

Our Electronic Bill Payments system helps your customers to pay all their bills any way they like whether in-branch or online. We support over 9,000 individual billers and are adding new billers all of the time. Our Bill Payment Remittance Consolidation Service helps to streamline processing of payments for your valued business customers. And you can rest assured that all bill payment transactions are secured by the highest internationally recognized standards for collecting, processing, and storing data.

Business customers can easily remit taxes like corporate GST/HST, and payroll to Canada Revenue Agency and provincial agencies through online banking. The same fast and easy automated services are offered in-branch for those who still prefer a trip to the branch. Either way, tax payments and supporting information are submitted electronically, for fast and efficient payments minus any paper forms.

What was once complicated is now easy.
The days of complex, process-intensive procedures to send and receive money abroad are over. In its place are user-friendly services that are easily managed through our online portal. Nothing could be simpler for you or your customers.

/ International Transfers
Now your customers can transfer money internationally 24/7 conveniently through online banking.
Learn more about International Transfers

/ FX Drafts
Our intuitive web-based services allow you to create drafts that can be delivered direct to your customer or printed in branch.
Learn more about Drafts

/ Currency
Whether your customers need a little or a lot, we provide a web-based service to buy and sell over 80 foreign currencies, while offering your customers convenient delivery options.
Learn more about Currency

/ Cheques
Use our flexible, secure, web-based service to clear foreign cheques.
Learn more about Foreign Cheques

Working together gets us there first
Central 1 was first to fully introduce cheque imaging in Canada. We’ve done it again with the first image exchange deal between us and the Big Five banks. Now, electronic imaging means your customer's cheques are processed and cleared faster. No more delays due to physical deliveries or courier services. Heck. Even truck and airplane emissions are a thing of the past. That feels nice.

/ Branch Capture
Staff simply capture cheque images electronically in-branch and send them to Central 1 for faster processing. Saves time and courier costs.

/ Corporate Capture
Desktop cheque scanners enable business customers to deposit CAD and USD denominated cheques right from their offices. It’s fast, secure, and a big plus for busy business owners.

/ Mobile Deposit
Deposit Anywhere™ was the first Canadian mobile deposit solution in-market to allow retail and business customers to deposit cheques from their mobile devices.

Central 1’s strong partnership with Interac® means our clients can look forward to ongoing payment innovation that’s fully integrated into the digital banking platform of your choice. Interac e-Transfer makes digital payments as fast, easy, and user-friendly as sending a message to a friend or business partner.

Our web-based wire service lets you send and receive funds nationally and abroad in more than 60 currencies. The demand for this service is huge. We should know because we process more than 300,000 wire transfers a year.
Learn more about wires

Delivering innovative payments experiences on any digital platform

Central 1’s payments solutions are platform agnostic. Our API strategy means that our payments solutions are easy to implement no matter what digital platform you’re using.

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