James Ireland

VP, Liquidity & Market Risk

James Ireland is responsible for developing and maintaining Central 1’s liquidity and market risk framework and overseeing all liquidity and market risk activities across the enterprise.  James serves as the Chief Risk Officer for Central 1 Trust and the Group Clearer.  Since joining Central 1 in March 2015, James has worked extensively to build our understanding of payments and settlement risk, enhancing the Group Clearer and on Payments Canada Modernization.

Prior to joining Central 1, James gained 15 years of risk management experience with major Canadian Financial Institutions where he led risk projects spanning technology, measurement, Basel regulatory compliance, governance and policy. James has spent 10 years managing interest rate, foreign exchange and commodity risk in the utility and food and beverage sectors in Canada.

James holds a BA (Hon) in Economic from Queen’s University and a Masters of Philosophy (Economics) from Oxford University.