Accessing Research Centre and Subscription Library


Accessing Research Centre (

1.Visit our new Research Centre:

2.If prompted, enter in your Secure Site ID and password. If you’re already logged into any Central 1 secure websites or applications, you will already be logged in. If you do not have a secure site ID, please contact your Credit Union Security Officer.


Accessing Research Subscription Library

1.From the Research Centre website (, click Access your Reports in the top right header of the page or click the Enter Here button on the banner (see below).


2.If your organization is operating Microsoft 365, you’ll see your email address — do not select this account.

  • Select  “+ Use another account” for your first time logging into the subscription library.


  • Enter your secure site ID (the same user ID that you used to access and add to the end on the Sign in prompt​ and then select Next.


3.Select “Don’t show this again”, then click Yes. This saves your preference for staying signed into the Research Subscription Library for future log in sessions.

Note: If you did not select “Stay signed in”, choose the “” option to proceed for subsequent log ins.


4.Click “Accept”on the Review permissions prompt to proceed. This grants the Research Subscription Library the ability to read basic properties of your account.


5.A message displays while you are granted access to the new Research Subscription Library.


6.You are now successfully logged into the Subscription Library where you can see the reports your Organization has subscribed to.


If you have any questions, please email