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In September 2018, Central 1 proudly joined more than 2,700 organizations around the globe in signing the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN-PRI). We believe, as many in the industry do, that addressing key environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors is crucial to developing a sustainable financial system.

Our approach to responsible investment

ESG considerations are a core part of our holistic approach to evaluating our investment holdings. We work in a number of ways to integrate them into our processes:

Analysis & Assessment

We incorporate ESG factors into our investment strategies and decisions.

Active ownership

We include ESG issues in our ownership policies and practices.


We seek ESG disclosure from companies in which we invest.

Industry engagement

We promote and encourage Responsible Investment practices.


We work with other signatories to enhance the UN principles.

How we apply ESG factors in investing

Our Responsible Investment approach is guided by five principles that shape our investment and lending practices. These ensure our decisions always align with our values, our clients’ values and the values of the co-operative banking system as a whole:


Central 1 Values

Central 1 Values

At Central 1, we live by four key values, which guide all aspects of our work – including our approach to Responsible Investing:

Eyes Forward – proactively considering the future impact of our work

Sharp Minds – thinking beyond Central 1 and being open to new ideas

Heads Together – channeling diverse perspectives to enhance our effectiveness

Hearts Aligned – recognizing that we are part of something bigger and caring for the world around us.

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ESG consideration

ESG consideration

Portfolio managers and institutional lenders will take ESG factors into consideration when making their investment and lending decision. We believe ESG is fundamental to good and effective management.




We integrate ESG factors into our investment and lending decisions, policies and practices alongside other traditional elements, because they can and do have an impact on portfolio performance.




We strive to deliver relevant disclosure that will help monitor our investment and lending portfolio and make transparent our decision-making process.


Continuous learning and improvement

Continuous learning and improvement

We are dedicated to continuous learning in order to stay relevant and expand our understanding of ESG risks. We will take part in activities, such as working groups, that promote responsible investment and lending practices.

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