Deeper insights.
Greater connections.

Harness the strategic marketing power of consumer insights to unlock a full picture of your audience.

How your audience thinks, feels and behaves is influenced by so many factors – their beliefs, their fears, their hopes and habits. So how can you market to them in a way that ensures you form genuine connections?

Unlock the strategic marketing power of consumer insights

At the Agency, we use deep consumer insights to help you understand the many nuances in your audience – both between age groups and within age groups. So you know exactly what to say when and where to truly resonate with your key targets.

Number 1
Understand your audience

/  Their preferences
/  Their values
/  Their challenges
/  And more…

Number 2
Develop insight-driven strategies

/  Marketing campaigns
/  Financial education
/  Member communication
/  And more…

Number 3
Unlock greater member growth & engagement

/  Member acquisition
/  Member retention
/  Share of wallet
/  Audience engagement

Optimize your marketing effort and spend to attract, retain and deepen relationships with your target audience

Strategic marketing campaigns
Strategic marketing campaigns

Take the guesswork out of your marketing to create strategic, compelling campaigns that actively drive conversion.

Enriched member experiences
Enriched member experiences

Create more personal interactions with your members so you can develop deeper connections that strengthen loyalty.

Enhanced customer journeys
Enhanced customer journeys

Refine every touchpoint you have with your audience, guiding them down the path to purchase without drop-off.

Empowered by actionable, in-depth consumer research


The Agency collaborates with PMG Intelligence, a leading expert in market research, data science and behavioural analysis, to bring you strategic insights that help solve your biggest challenges and realize your greatest opportunities.

With over 30 years of experience, PMG’s research is trusted by Canadian banks and credit unions alike to keep them informed on the latest influences affecting consumer behaviour.

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Connecting the dots between consumer insights and strategic marketing

Experts in marketing image
Experts in credit union marketing

Partner with an agency that knows you. We combine PMG’s consumer intelligence with our 30+ years of financial marketing experience to deliver tailored, insights-driven advice to you.

Strategic support image
Strategic support with insights built-in

Leverage Canadian consumer intelligence trusted by the Big Banks and built into the Agency’s work for you without the need to purchase the insights upfront.

Nimble, full-service team image
Nimble, full-service team on hand to help

Transform strategic insights into compelling campaigns that really resonate with help from our specialized experts in content, visual design, social media, web development and more. Read more about how we work.

Ready to boost your marketing with in-depth consumer insights?

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