Trade Services

Placing credit unions first.

We partner with you to deliver strategic and operational business solutions that support Canadian credit union success and celebrate our cooperative values.

Informed decisions. Better outcomes. Accelerated success.

Risk Solutions

We provide credit unions with proactive compliance, fraud prevention and insurance services to prevent potential threats to credit unions, reduce losses and safeguard members. We also administer specialized insurance programs for Central 1’s insurance company CUPP Services and for Stabilization Central Credit Union. Finally, we deliver a wide range of anti-money laundering and enterprise risk management solutions.

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Marketing, Creative and Research

We provide credit unions with scalable strategic marketing and creative, event management and research services that meet their unique needs. Our marketing agency offers expertise in brand development, product and service promotion, online and social media strategy, media planning, and member acquisition programs across multiple channels. Our market research provides decision makers with actionable industry insights, case studies and recommendations on key business issues that are relevant to credit unions. Our reports advise on current market trends, competitor strategies and promotional campaigns and social media.

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We provide credit unions with expert economic, financial, and housing analysis and forecasts, resulting in actionable market intelligence, insights and benchmarks. The department acts as a public face for the credit union system providing media commentary and presentations to key organizations and at major conferences.

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Product Compliance & Design

We support credit unions in delivering compliant financial services to their members through the Operation Manual Program. We design customizable core financial products and contract templates that have been legally reviewed and meet regulatory requirements.

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People Solutions

We are a strategic business partner leveraging human resources (HR) expertise, system knowledge and a commitment to shared values and collaborative principles. We focus solely on credit unions, enabling us to be trusted experts serving credit unions of all sizes. We draw on our nationwide relationships and databases to facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration. This gives us a unique ability to translate best practices and trends into relevant strategies for building talent and driving organizational performance.

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Strategic Solutions

We are a consultative partner leveraging deep subject matter expertise in financial services and industry trends. Our unique position at Central 1 allow us to deliver holistic solutions tailored to the credit unions needs, including strategic planning, operational efficiencies, channel delivery models and shared service collaboration. We provide relevant insights and support for making business strategies actionable.

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Member & External Communications

We provide credit unions with communications strategies that support and promote the success and reputation of the credit union system. We deliver strategic communications planning and execution, issues and reputation management, corporate communications advice and products, and media relations. In addition, we provide relevant and timely organizational communications from Central 1 to our members.

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