Member & External Communications

We provide credit unions with informed communications strategies that support and promote the success and reputation of the credit union system. We deliver strategic communications planning and execution, issues and reputation management, corporate communications advice and products, and media relations. Our role includes providing relevant, timely organizational communications about Central 1 to its members and the public.

Member and External Communications works directly with Central 1 member credit unions, other financial institutions and our internal teams to provide a range of services including:

  • strategic communication planning and execution
  • issues and reputation management
  • corporate communications counsel and products
  • media relations and public relations
  • Enterprise magazine
  • website and social media content

Enterprise Magazine


Enterprise magazine is a must-read for people in the credit union system. It serves as a major medium of communication within the Canadian credit union system through identifying and focusing on industry-specific issues. It's the voice of Canadian credit unions.

Our trade magazine, in print and at, provides relevant, timely and factual information to the system’s leaders, boards and employees, while tackling some of the hardest-hitting issues — from ethical investing to increased competition from big box retailers to the imminent reality of federal credit unions. 

People in the credit union system can subscribe to the magazine at no cost. Contact us for editorial enquiries, advertising information and more.


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