Product Compliance & Design

We support credit unions in delivering compliant financial services to their members. Through the Operations Manual Program, we design customizable core financial products and contract templates that have been legally reviewed and meet regulatory requirements.

With constantly evolving financial regulations, it’s a challenge to follow industry guidelines, stay informed and remain competitive all at the same time.

TheGuide_icon_web.pngOperations Manual Program

The Operations Manual Program is available to B.C. and Ontario credit unions by subscription and includes:

  • Policy development support frameworks and explanations of legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Core banking products, services, contracts, forms and policies including the Residential CreditMaster® mortgage, a readvanceable lending product that allows members to leverage equity within their home to finance what is important to them
  • Operational guidance and processes for branch level compliance with provincial and federal regulations
  • Support from expert staff to explain changing and complex regulations and to answer operational inquiries


Preview image of videoIt’s more than a mortgage product.  It’s a strategy for membership and asset growth.

CreditMaster® meets legal compliance standards and is investor friendly.

Your members can readvance their CreditMaster® mortgage almost as easily as an unsecured loan, with no repeat legal costs.  Your members save money.  You get to keep them longer.  The best part?  If you subscribe to the Operations Manual Program,  CreditMaster®  is available at no additional cost. 

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